As a MedScripts Medical Pharmacy patient, you will automatically receive the benefits of our Patient Management Program. This program has been designed by our team of pharmacists and nurses and will help you be involved in your care, understand your therapy and have the best opportunity for treatment success. These benefits begin when you are admitted to our services.

MedScripts begins by educating you about your therapy. This will help you to understand the importance of being compliant in taking your medications and following your physician’s orders. We will provide you with all the medication and supplies needed to complete your therapy. We will also instruct you when to take your medications, how to communicate with us and your physician for improved side effect management and teach you how to properly care for the medications in your home.

MedScripts will ship the needed medication and supplies to your home on a scheduled basis. Our staff will speak with you periodically to discuss your treatment progress. Our goal is to give you every opportunity to benefit from your therapy and help you to heal. Your job is to participate in your care and communicate with our staff to get the most out of your treatment.

Our Doctors of Pharmacy are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions. If you have any questions about your medication or shipment, please contact our pharmacy at 1-866-840-4067. In case of a medical emergency, please call 911.

MedScripts Medical Pharmacy always dispenses a less expensive, generically equivalent, FDA approved drug for brand name drugs whenever possible, unless otherwise indicated by you or your physician.